DCS portal login

The first page you will see after you have successfully logged into your Extranet account is the following one:

Extranet overview

(1) Once you are connected to the Extranet, please choose the eService Dynamic Computing on the left side.

Extranet TwoFactor

(2) Click on the button „Next“ on the next page. You will then be asked to enter the token you received via SMS to the mobile number you provided to Swisscom. If you do receive a token within a few minutes, please check the mobile phone number on your user profile (available by editing your user profile in the previous page).

Extranet DCS token

(3) Type in the token you received by SMS (not case sensitive) for the two-factor login authentication. Click on the button “Check token”. You will now access the DCS portal.

DCS portal overview

(4) If there are existing Dynamic Data Centers that you want to manage, click on the button „Open Management console“ with the symbol of the correspondent Dynamic Data Center in order to access the vCloud Director (in a new window).

  • For more information about the Dynamic Computing Services portal, please see section 2.2 Overview of the Portal.
  • For more information about managing a Dynamic Data Center, please see section 2.3 Dynamic Data Center
  • For more information about managing a Dynamic Server, please see section 2.4 Dynamic Server.
  • For more information about vCloud Director, please see chapter 5 First steps in vCloud Director.

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